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January in Review

Feb 6
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January in Review



The top San Diego economy news stories, real estate statistics, bond rates, stock indices, and more for the month of January.


  • San Diego County receives over $20 million dollars from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to combat homelessness.
  • San Diego County approved the construction of several hotels over the past month
  • The median sales price of all San Diego homes was $548,000 dollars. This is up 8.51% higher than January 2017 but is down 0.36% from December 2017.
  • There were 2,641 home sales last month, which is down 3.08% from December and 9.31% lower than January 2017.
  • The median number of days on market was 27 days. This is down 18.18% from last January and 12.5% higher than December.
  • 22.9% of the homes sold in January were sold for higher than their listing price, which is down 4.98% from December, but is 21.81% higher than ...

How to Retire With No Mortgage Payment


Retirement is a time for relaxation after a lifetime of dedicated work and responsibility, so it’s no wonder that so many people try to clear up their mortgage before they retire. So what are the best ways to retire without a mortgage payment?

First you have to determine if it is more appropriate for you to keep or pay off your mortgage. While most people will gravitate towards the peace of mind, savings on interest, and increased cash flow that comes when they are no longer required to make mortgage payments, some can actually benefit from keeping their mortgage during retirement. This is usually due to prioritization.

If you have a limited amount of cash saved up for emergencies (or worse: none at all), it can be more beneficial to build up those savings than to pay off your mortgage early. Ideally, these savings will be enough to cover any living expenses for three to six months in the event of an emergency affecting your retirement income. Additionally, if you have not contributed the maximum amount to your retirement plan (401K, IRA, health savings account, etc.), putting money towards your retirement plan may outweigh the interest that you would be saving on if ...

San Marcos City Council approves six-story hotel


In a 4-1 vote, the San Marcos City Council approved the construction of a six-story hotel near the Nordahl exit on State Route 78. While buildings of this height are rare for San Marcos, the development on Montiel Road and Leora Lane is the second six-story structure recently approved by the City Council.

The project is planned to be an upscale hotel similar to the Marriott Courtyard, with 128 rooms, a café, a fitness room, a pool, and underground parking. With the rooms costing around $159 to $179 dollars a night, the hotel is expected to bring in $400,000 dollars in hotel taxes to the city. This is also expected to rise over time.

A traffic study of the proposed development estimates that the hotel will bring in around 900 daily trips to the area. This includes around 75 additional drivers in both the morning and evening rush hour times. Some residents are expecting this increase in drivers to negatively affect traffic.

Some residents are also hesitant to support the project due to the glare from a building of this size. However, the Carte group is willing to work with the city when constructing the building to minimize this effect through design and material selection.

The council ...

When Are Mortgage Payments Due?

Jan 23
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When Are Mortgage Payments Due?



After you successfully close your loan, you will have to be prepared to keep up on your mortgage payments. So what does a monthly mortgage payment consist of and when are expenses such as property taxes and insurance due?


Understanding PITI

Mortgage payments are commonly structured based on what is known as PITI. PITI stands for Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance, which are all of the charges that can be included on your mortgage payment. Let’s break it down further.

The principal is the outstanding loan balance on your mortgage. Since the goal is to get that balance down to zero, most payment options will have a part of your monthly payment going towards paying off the principal.

The interest is the agreed-upon interest rate that is charged for the money you have borrowed. Typically, interest is a consistent portion of your mortgage payment unless it is an adjustable rate mortgage.

The taxes in PITI refer specifically to property taxes, ...

It’s Restaurant Week in San Diego!

Jan 21
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It’s Restaurant Week in San Diego!

Foodies rejoice, San Diego Restaurant Week is here! From January 21st to 28th, over 180 participating restaurants will be offering special two course lunches and three course dinners. The restaurants will all be using the same prix-pricing of $10, $15, and $20 lunches and $20, $30, $40, and $50 dinners. No special tickets or passes required, just ask for the SDRW menu at participating restaurants!

Here is the complete list of the restaurants that will be participating in San Diego Restaurant Week.


East County

Antica Trattoria
La Mesa – Contemporary Italian
$15 Lunch | $40 Dinner

BO-beau kitchen + garden
La ...

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