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15 Year Fixed Rate

For those seeking the simplicity and safety of a fixed rate mortgage, a 15 year fixed rate loan offers numerous advantages. Although 15 year fixed rates have higher payments, the current interest rates are dramatically lower than the traditional 30 year fixed rates. If you are comfortable with the higher payment and qualify other benefits include:  

  • Quick Loan Repayment: Your mortgage will be paid off in just 15 years.

  • Steady Payments: Your payment will remain constant for 15 years.

  • Rate Safety:  Fixed rate loans eliminate the risk of rate volatility.

  • Interest Savings: It will shock you how much interest you will save when compared to a 30 year fixed rate loan.  




Call us today at 800-865-6266 to see if you qualify or submit a contact form.


As always, we will take the time to educate you on the pros and cons of this loan product to make sure it suits your needs. RWM is a direct lender and consistently delivers timely service, with the utmost professionalism to make your loan process as transparent and smooth as possible. 

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